U-MailArt LisboA

U-MailArt LisboA
Underground Mail Art Project in Lisbon

I am Venezuelan, I work with conceptual and performative art, I left my country with a collaborative project called [(IM)PORTAR [eng. (Im)portation] in México, with the artist and curator Pancho López. I recently moved to Lisbon because I found a job here, even though I have an italian nationality thanks to my grandparents, I am adapting to this new country, I am an immigrant and feel foreign. Also I´ve been working with artists archives, I am interested about the information that people can generate with their own lives. I have a binnacle which I´ve been writing about feelings and all the experience of leaving my origin country. In somehow I wanted to know Lisbon as an artist or explorer but this time is through the experience from people from other places that already have a live here or even if they are in a same situation as I am. A way to vinculate with culture is by the diversity that anyone can find in one place.

This is an ongoing- performative project which I as an artist manage the information that will be compiled in mailboxes that I will install in the Martim Moniz, Intendente, Anjos and Alameda Lisbon subway stations. My purpose is to generate an interaction between people on transit and their ideas, experiences as a way to work with the circulation of information, a kind of test about the diverse culture that anyone can find by underground ways. “Everyone is an artist” said Joseph Beuys, so I will ask to people to send me any expression that could put in this mailboxes and it will be seen an Artwork by mail.

The project has two phases, first step is to compile all the information that could be inserted in the mailboxes on the stations. My performance will be the campaign to invite people and artists to participate in this interactive art piece, this will be with videos, flyers, information on the web in different languages. I will play the postman role with photographs, flyers and vídeos to be shared on social networks and to be posted on the metro stations as a advertising campaign.
The second one is the processing the information and the elaboration of a visual work with the information compilated. The process will be showed in parallel by a website and also can be shown as an art piece with a projection of all digitized received material.

Mail Boxes Location: one mailbox per station will be located in the station with the signs. The criteria is to locate them in the crowded circulation places of the stations.

Mais info: www.nextstop.pt (link is external) / Facebook (link is external)  / Instagram (link is external)

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7 de Janeiro de 2019

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