Lisbon Open Vinyl Experiment

Lisbon Open Vinyl Experiment - Djset - 27 abril 2019 Largo Café Estúdio
Dj Set
Karl Hildebrandt e Nuno Efe
Sábado, Abril 27, 2019 - 17:00

Calling all music lovers, vinyl junkies, movers, groovers, DJ's and social beasts.
Lisbon Open Vinyl Experiment is back to present a night of BRING YOUR OWN VINYL and an opportunity for all to play some essential wax for everyone's listening pleasure.

Great music, Good vibes, Good times in Largo Residências with Megastore by Largo open next door to help scratch that vinyl itch...
Our mission is to create a space for everyone to come and enjoy two turntables and their favourite records as part of a vinyl lovin social community.
Bringing together Lisboas diverse music, creative and fun-loving people.

The format will be DJ's on rotation all night with slots of 20-30 minutes on a first come first play basis.
No boundaries or genre essentials, just good music to get down to.
Pack your wax, bring your friends and let's enjoy great sounds and good vibes.

In association with the groovaliscious Megastore by Largoand kindly hosted by Largo Residências.